4 Services Provided By A Commercial Garage Door Repair Company

9 December 2019
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When your commercial garage door is broken, there is cause for significant concern. You want to ensure that your company vehicles are protect from the weather and from potential thieves. Fortunately, a commercial garage door repair service can quickly fix any problem. Here are four types of repairs a garage door service can provide: 1. Replace broken springs. Garage door springs bear the majority of the weight of overhead garage doors when they're in an upright position. Read More 

Tips For Effective Fire Extinguisher Use

28 October 2019
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In the event of a fire, having access to an extinguisher can be essential for allowing you to rapidly put out the flames so that they can not spread. While fire extinguishers are common sights in both commercial and residential buildings, many people will not be prepared to use their fire extinguishers when the time arises. Undergo Fire Extinguisher Training When a fire is occurring, individuals will likely be at least somewhat panicked, and this can have a negative effect on their ability to think clearly. Read More 

How To Deal With A Roof Leak That’s Dripping Water From Your Ceiling

11 September 2019
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Water dripping from your ceiling in a heavy rain is never a good thing, but it at least alerts you to a roof leak. When water drips down from your ceiling, you need to take action right away to prevent water damage to your home, especially if the drip lands on carpet. Here are tips for handling a leaky roof. Collect The Water In A Bucket You definitely want to catch the water rather than let it drip on the floor, even if you put down towels. Read More 

A Few Things To Know About Septic Tank Pumping

4 August 2019
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Being responsible for a septic system can be intimidating when you're used to being hooked up to the city sewer system. All you may know is it's very expensive to replace a tank or drainfield, so you want to do things just right so your septic system lasts a long time. One important thing you need to do is have the tank pumped out before it gets too full. Here are some things to know about septic tank pumping. Read More 

5 Best Siding Choices For Mobile Tiny Homes

29 June 2019
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The idea of 'going tiny' has been brewing in our society for decades, but took hold recently. Whether tiny house lovers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint to help save the environment or are simply revolting against the rise of the McMansion, the concept of living simply in a home less than 500 square feet is here to stay. While tiny houses can be affixed to permanent foundations, many people prefer the mobile tiny house and the freedom of the open road. Read More