Guidelines To Keep In Mind When Renovating A Craftsman Home

22 May 2019
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There comes a time when every home needs some sort of update. However, if you have a traditional home built in the craftsman style, you might be a bit hesitant about renovating. You don't want to make changes that erase or downplay the elements so essential to this architectural style! Thankfully, you can make changes and updates so long as you keep a few guidelines in mind to preserve the home's style. Read More 

How To Start A Metal Building Construction Project Right

28 March 2019
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Many construction projects suffer many challenges, not because of issues arising later, but because of mistakes made right at the beginning. The challenge with mistakes made at the beginning is that their effect may not be felt until it's too late, or they may affect every subsequent step of the project. If you're thinking about getting started on a metal building construction project, it's important to get certain things right at the beginning. Read More 

Basic Maintenance Steps To Keep Your Well System Healthy

8 February 2019
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Having a home that makes use of well water can provide many benefits. Well water is generally much cheaper than city water once the well is in place, and many people find that fresh well water has a subjectively better taste than municipal water supplies. Of course, these advantages don't come without their own costs. Keeping your well in tip-top shape and your well water healthy and safe requires periodic maintenance and inspections. Read More 

Using Mirrors To Spread Natural Light Throughout Your Home

6 January 2019
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Are you looking for a way to bring some natural light into a space with limited windows? Natural light can make the home look and feel so much warmer and welcoming, but when the number of windows in the home is limited, it can be a difficult task to complete. Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help you accomplish your task. Reflect the Light The little bit of sunlight that does make its way into your home can be reflected and spread throughout the space. Read More 

Why Waterproof Your Crawl Space?

11 November 2018
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Your home has a crawl space that you don't often think about. A crawl space is common in older homes and homes that have basements or some other type of sub flooring. Crawl spaces can be used for extra storage if they are free of moisture, or they can be used to house sump pumps, water heaters, and other durable home appliances. Crawl space encapsulation is the construction process that involves making the crawl space area more waterproof. Read More