Why Hardwood Floors Should Be Considered

3 March 2020
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It isn't a surprise that carpet must be replaced after it has been in a house for a long time, especially in homes with a lot of traffic from people and pets. Carpet has the ability to make a home feel cozy, but it comes with various disadvantages that makes other flooring options more ideal. For example, a flooring option such as hardwood can last a lot longer than carpet for numerous reasons, which means you can save money in the long run. Even if you prefer to have carpet in your house, it is still a good idea to invest in wood floors. Carpet can be installed directly over the hardwood floors, and you can rely on the wood if the carpet has to be replaced but you are unable to immediately afford it.

Hardwood Can Be Restored Numerous Times

A positive aspect of investing in wood floors that makes them worthy and able to last long is the ability to restore them. You will be able to restore the floors numerous times before finally needing to replace them. However, it is possible that you will never have to replace the wood, which means you will never have to spend money on major floor problems. Even if you pay a professional to restore the wood, it will likely be more affordable than having to replace the floors altogether. Sanding and polishing are the most common restoration needs in regards to wood floors.

Proper Care Can Keep Hardwood in Good Shape

If your goal is to ensure that your wood floors will possibly last for a lifetime, proper care will play a role in making it happen. For example, do everything that you can to prevent the wood from being exposed to prolonged moisture. You must wipe away any spilled liquids in a speedy manner, as they can lead to the wood swelling up. It is also a good idea to prevent pests from destroying the wood, such as by getting your home inspected for termites and carpenter ants on occasion. Termites consume wood, while carpenter ants are able to create holes that can eventually destroy your floors in a major way.

Allergens Are Easy to Remove from Hardwood

You will not have a difficult time removing allergens from wood floors as with carpet. For example, pet dander can get stuck in the fibers of carpet, but it can easily be swept away when it comes to wood. It is also easier to remove dirt, pollen, and other allergens from wood floors.

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