Talk To A Commercial Concrete Contractor About Ways To Enhance The Common Areas Of Your Community

14 January 2020
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If you own an apartment complex or manage an HOA community, you want to make your grounds attractive for the residents while providing them with outdoor activities. One way to do that is to put in walking and biking trails. You may also want a basketball court or picnic area. All these things need the proper surface, and concrete is an excellent choice. Here are some suggestions for improving your facility grounds with concrete.

Add Covered Picnic Areas

Picnic shelters are a nice addition to your property because they allow families to cook outdoors safely and have a place to gather for birthday parties and family meals. Shelters are fairly easy to make and they are easy to maintain when you start with a concrete slab. A commercial concrete company can pour slabs for your shelters and connect them with walkways so they are easy for everyone to access, even people in wheelchairs. By connecting the shelters with your walkways, they'll get more use and allow people walking and biking to stop and rest in the shade.

Put In Paths

A path system around your property is an excellent addition since it gives your residents a safe and stable surface for walking, skating, and biking. You'll want to develop a plan with your concrete contractor for the placement of the paths since they need proper drainage. You can create longer paths and make them more attractive by putting in curving paths that meander through your property and accent trees and landscaping elements.

Use Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete makes paths look like they're made of stones like flagstone or slate. However, the paths are still slabs of concrete that are a continuous surface that is trip and slip-resistant. Your contractor can even finish the paths so the surface is textured to reduce the risk of slipping when it's rainy.

Add An Activity Area

A large concrete slab can be used by your residents for many purposes. Young kids might use it for practicing bike riding or skating. Others might play basketball. A concrete slab gives kids a place to play where they can be off the grass and dirt. While you may want a softer material around a playground, a concrete activity area will probably get a lot of use by kids and adults, and that can make your residents more satisfied with the community.

Put In An Outdoor Kitchen

If your community has a clubhouse and you hold social events regularly, an outdoor kitchen and party area could be a nice addition, especially if your community is mostly adults. You could host cookouts or gatherings around a fire pit. Outdoor entertainment spaces are popular, and your concrete contractor can help you design a space with built-in seating and enough room for the crowds you expect to attend.

For more ideas, contact a company that provides commercial concrete services