4 Services Provided By A Commercial Garage Door Repair Company

9 December 2019
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When your commercial garage door is broken, there is cause for significant concern. You want to ensure that your company vehicles are protect from the weather and from potential thieves. Fortunately, a commercial garage door repair service can quickly fix any problem. Here are four types of repairs a garage door service can provide:

1. Replace broken springs.

Garage door springs bear the majority of the weight of overhead garage doors when they're in an upright position. Since commercial garage doors are often larger and heavier than their residential counterparts, their springs are particularly important. Broken springs must be replaced immediately in order to protect the integrity of your garage door and the safety of all your employees. A commercial garage door repair service can carefully remove your broken spring before replacing it with a new spring that can provide the proper tension.

2. Straighten bent garage door tracks.

Overhead garage doors run along vertical tracks. When a garage door track is bent, your garage door's wheel can pop out of alignment. This can cause further damage, up to and including bending your garage door. A garage door repair service may be able to fix your bent garage door track. They can reshape it so your garage door can glide smoothly along its track once more. If the damage to your garage door track is too severe, a repairman can fix it by completely removing the damaged track and replacing it with a new one.

3. Provide emergency repair services.

Many commercial garage door repair companies provide emergency repair services. These services are available on short notice, so you can have your garage door back in working order as soon as possible. A garage door that won't open can cost you valuable time and money. Being able to call someone to fix the problem can help you avoid losing revenue and customers. When looking for a garage door service, seek out a company that knows how important timely repairs are to clients.

4. Repair minor and severe dents.

Most commercial garage doors are made from metal, which is both durable and heavy-duty. Unfortunately, accidents can occasionally occur, which may put a dent in your garage door. A dented garage door may make your business look less professional. A garage door repair service can use a special tool to remove minor dents from your garage door. If your dent is severe, they can repair it by removing the damaged portion and replacing it.

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