Tips For Effective Fire Extinguisher Use

28 October 2019
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In the event of a fire, having access to an extinguisher can be essential for allowing you to rapidly put out the flames so that they can not spread. While fire extinguishers are common sights in both commercial and residential buildings, many people will not be prepared to use their fire extinguishers when the time arises.

Undergo Fire Extinguisher Training

When a fire is occurring, individuals will likely be at least somewhat panicked, and this can have a negative effect on their ability to think clearly. This factor coupled with the reality that many people will not have experience with using a fire extinguisher can create a situation where a person may not be sure how to use this device. While they may have read that the fire extinguisher should be aimed at the base of the fire, it can be difficult to keep this in mind or to know what to expect when you activate the extinguisher. A fire extinguisher safety course will give you an opportunity to use one of these devices in a controlled setting so that you will be better prepared for when a fire occurs and you need to use an extinguisher.

Be Mindful Of Having The Fire Extinguisher Serviced

Eventually, a fire extinguisher will experience enough pressure loss so that it may not be able to function as intended. This can be prevented with periodic testing and pressurization of the fire extinguisher. For those that may have concerns about the work that this will involve, most fire departments can provide this service to their local community. Although, you may need to call as it can be common for there to be a particular day of the week or month the fire department designates to this work for the community.

Keep The Fire Extinguisher Where It Can Quickly Be Reached

When a fire is burning in your home or business, you will only have seconds to respond before the fire is able to start spreading. Sadly, individuals that fail to have a fire extinguisher located nearby may find that the fire can grow significantly in the short time it takes them to retrieve the fire extinguisher from another room. As a result, you should identify all of the areas of your home or business that would be the most vulnerable to experiencing a fire so that you can preemptively place extinguishers in these areas of the building. You should also match the fire extinguisher to the type of fire that this area if most likely to experience. For example, a fire extinguisher that is rated for use on grease fires in the kitchen can be advisable.

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