How To Deal With A Roof Leak That's Dripping Water From Your Ceiling

11 September 2019
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Water dripping from your ceiling in a heavy rain is never a good thing, but it at least alerts you to a roof leak. When water drips down from your ceiling, you need to take action right away to prevent water damage to your home, especially if the drip lands on carpet. Here are tips for handling a leaky roof.

Collect The Water In A Bucket

You definitely want to catch the water rather than let it drip on the floor, even if you put down towels. You can use a bucket or large trash can, just be sure you empty it before it gets full and spills over. The sound of water dripping into the bucket may be annoying, but you'll be preventing water damage. Also, take a look at your ceiling for a large water bubble. You might need to puncture the bubble so water can drain freely rather than puddle on the ceiling and put it at risk of collapsing from the weight.

Cover The Area With Plastic

If you have a plastic tarp or shower curtain available, spread it out under the bucket so splashes don't get on the floor. You want to keep carpet as dry as possible so it won't start to mold. Move furniture and other fabric or porous items away from the drip so they don't soak up water.

Call A Roofer To Place A Tarp On The Roof

You probably won't be able to get your roof repaired or replaced on an emergency basis since that process usually takes time to schedule and complete. However, a roofing company may come out and put a tarp on the roof to keep water from getting inside your home. The tarp acts as a temporary measure to keep your home dry until the roof can be repaired.

Look For Areas Of Water Damage

Once the leak has been stopped, check around your home for water damage so it can be repaired and the area dried out. Your attic may be wet if rain collected in there before dripping through the ceiling. Drying out wet areas is important so the dampness doesn't cause wood to rot, mold to grow, and a foul odor to fill your home. Once your home is dry, you'll want to follow up with permanent roof repairs to keep it that way.

It may be possible to repair a leaky roof if the leak is in an isolated area, but if your roof is old and worn out, getting a replacement could be the best way to prevent more problems with roof leaks. Contact a company, like Par One Construction, Inc., for more help.