A Few Things To Know About Septic Tank Pumping

4 August 2019
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Being responsible for a septic system can be intimidating when you're used to being hooked up to the city sewer system. All you may know is it's very expensive to replace a tank or drainfield, so you want to do things just right so your septic system lasts a long time. One important thing you need to do is have the tank pumped out before it gets too full. Here are some things to know about septic tank pumping.

Your Habits Can Affect How Quickly The Tank Fills

While there is a general formula based on the size of your tank and the size of your family that determines how often you should have a septic tank pumped out, your daily habits can have an effect, too. For that reason, you don't want to rely too much on the calculated date for pumping. If your drains get slow before then, you should have your tank checked and pumped early if the tank needs it. Things that make a septic tank fill up quicker include heavy use of a garbage disposal and flushing things like baby wipes that are slow to decompose.

Your Tank Fills With Water After It's Been Pumped

It's usually not a good idea to remove the lid on the septic tank since the fumes can be toxic. However, if the lid is removed for some reason after the tank has been cleaned, you may notice the tank looks full again. This is no cause for alarm since water will collect in the tank until its level reaches the outlet drain. As sludge accumulates in the tank, it will replace the water on the bottom and the water layer will get smaller.

You May Want To Find And Locate The Lid

Finding a buried septic tank isn't too difficult, and the pumping service can locate the tank and uncover the lid for you. However, it's often possible to save a few dollars on your bill if you find the lid and remove the grass before the pump truck arrives. If you can't find the tank, then once the pumping service locates it and the lid, place some sort of marker above the lid so it is easy for you to find next time.

You Shouldn't Build Or Add Plants Over The Tank

One common problem with septic systems and sewer pipes is invasion of tree roots. Although you may be anxious to landscape and beautify your yard, make sure you keep trees far from the tank so roots never become a problem. In addition, you don't want to build anything over the tank or over the drainfield. Just keep the area covered in grass so the pumping service can reach the tank and clean it out without having to tear up your landscaping.

When you maintain your septic system properly, it should give you decades of service with few problems. You'll probably find caring for your septic tank and drainfield isn't as difficult as you once thought. For more information, contact septic pumping services.