Guidelines To Keep In Mind When Renovating A Craftsman Home

22 May 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


There comes a time when every home needs some sort of update. However, if you have a traditional home built in the craftsman style, you might be a bit hesitant about renovating. You don't want to make changes that erase or downplay the elements so essential to this architectural style! Thankfully, you can make changes and updates so long as you keep a few guidelines in mind to preserve the home's style.

#1: Don't Paint the Wood

If any of the woodwork is looking dull or is dinged, you may be tempted to pain it -- but nothing would go more against the craftsman ideal! Wood in craftsman homes is always left natural or stained. Painted wood would stick out like a sore thumb and will decrease your property value if you decide to sell in the future. It costs more and takes more time, but properly stripping the current finish off the woodwork, sanding it, and applying a new layer of stain or oil is your best approach.

#2: Stick with Natural Materials

If you need a new floor, go with stone tile over vinyl. If you need a new backsplash, brick or stone will work well, too. Craftsman homes were built with all natural materials, and modern vinyl and plastic elements will look decidedly out of place. There is more variety in today's stone and brick materials than you can imagine, so feel free to experiment a little -- but don't venture outside the natural realm. 

#3: Keep an Open Floor Plan

Craftsman homes were built with open floor plans before it was cool! This guideline should not be tough to follow since open floor plans are still popular today. Just don't think about dividing the dining area from the kitchen with a wall or about dividing your great room into two smaller spaces. Craftsman homes should feel open and spacious, not walled off. 

#4: Keep the Fireplace

Chances are that your craftsman home has a fireplace, as almost all of them did! While you may be tempted to remove it and replace it with a TV or artwork, resist this urge. Fireplaces were a quintessential part of craftsman design; they were typically surrounded by cabinetry. If you remove this element, you can expect your home value to decrease. Instead, find ways to decorate around and embellish the fireplace.

If you keep the above guidelines in mind as you renovate, your home should still embody craftsman architecture when you're through. Reach out to a home renovation service to learn more.