Using Mirrors To Spread Natural Light Throughout Your Home

6 January 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Are you looking for a way to bring some natural light into a space with limited windows? Natural light can make the home look and feel so much warmer and welcoming, but when the number of windows in the home is limited, it can be a difficult task to complete. Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help you accomplish your task.

Reflect the Light

The little bit of sunlight that does make its way into your home can be reflected and spread throughout the space. A few custom mirrors placed in just the right places will help you do this.

When mirrors are positioned just right, the sunlight from one room can fill the area in several rooms – you just have to take some time to find the perfect placement to reflect the light from one mirror to the next and the one after that.

Look at the walls opposite of the wall with the window – these are the walls that you'll want to hang the mirrors on. Watch how the sunlight hits the walls so you know exactly where to place the mirrors – you want the mirrors hung in the area where the sunlight hits the walls during the day.

Now, you have to choose the style of mirror that will fit with your décor and style. You can have a custom mirror created to fit in perfectly if you have a hard time finding that just-right piece to fill the wall.

Tip: Get creative with the placement of mirrors – use window sills, ceilings, floors –any surface that a mirror can be secured to is another area that you can use to spread the sunlight.

Install Sun Tunnels

If you've never heard about sun tunnels before, they are long tubes that connect from the roofing above to the ceiling in the living areas throughout the home. The tunnel has clear Plexiglas on both ends. As the sun shines on the roof, the lights shines through the tunnel into the living area brightening things up quite a bit.

Lots of people use these as a way to bring light into interior rooms that have very limited windows and light sources.

Embrace the sunlight and bring it into your home. Hopefully, the tips above will help you find the natural light that your home needs to feel more welcoming, warm and comfortable throughout the changing seasons, but don't forget to have a little fun while doing it.