Why Waterproof Your Crawl Space?

11 November 2018
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Your home has a crawl space that you don't often think about. A crawl space is common in older homes and homes that have basements or some other type of sub flooring. Crawl spaces can be used for extra storage if they are free of moisture, or they can be used to house sump pumps, water heaters, and other durable home appliances.

Crawl space encapsulation is the construction process that involves making the crawl space area more waterproof. While it's hard to make an underground space entirely free of moisture since water seeps deep into the foundation of the earth that surrounds your home, there are many benefits in making your crawl space as free of moisture as possible. Discover the benefits of crawl space encapsulation and call your construction contractor for an estimate on how much this service will cost.

You keep your crawl space safe

If you access your crawl space regularly for food storage or other storage needs, having the area reinforced with a waterproof barrier lining is key to keeping this area safe. You make your crawl space more durable and sound as part of your home's foundation, allowing the space to be safer against caving in or becoming damaged by water.

You keep your crawl space free of mold

Where there is moisture, there is mold. If your crawl space is not properly ventilated with a fan or window, then the condensation and moisture that naturally gets underneath your property can get trapped in the crawl space area, making the space more susceptible to mold. When you get mold in one area of your home, it can spread to other areas and requires a professional to eradicate the mold and its spores. Prevent mold from forming in your home by having your crawl space encapsulated by a professional.

You keep your crawl space clean and useful

If you've never used your crawl space in the ways you want because the area is dirty and smells of wood rot and mold, then you are not using square footage of your home that should be ample storage space or able to house appliances. When you get your crawl space encapsulated, you free up this space for many uses and keep the barriers clean and free of water. You can also protect your crawl space against insects and rodents by having this extra measure performed to keep your crawl space more manageable.

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