Decking Out Your Backyard: Deck Styles To Fit Your Leisure Style

27 August 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Decks; they are great to have if you have the yard space and you love being outside in the warmer months. They are also great for entertaining and providing an outdoor play surface for the kids. What you may not realize is that there are different styles of decks for different leisure styles. The following deck styles represent just a few of the most popular decks built by most deck builders.

Pool Deck

Above-ground pools require you to go outside, climb a short ladder, and get into the pool. With a pool deck, you can walk out the back door, or install patio doors that open onto the deck. Then you just walk out over the deck and into the pool. The deck also provides you with a little more privacy to swim, and a way to prevent accidental drownings. Pool parties are a lot more fun with a pool deck, too.

Outdoor Entertainment Deck

You have summer outdoor parties every week. You need an outdoor entertainment deck. These wide and long decks are ideal for patio furniture, picnic tables, deck chairs, a grill, spaces for coolers filled with ice and beverages, and room to walk around and socialize. No one has to sit in the grass or stumble across an uneven lawn to get a drink or something to eat. This style of deck makes summer parties and socializing relaxing and comfortable.

Step-Down Tiered Deck for Relaxing and for Nature Lovers

If your home is perched above a ravine, and you have nature all around, you need a step-down tiered deck to view and watch nature. Smaller platform decks are built at varying levels from the top where your home sits down to the bottom of the ravine. Watch nature and read or sip a beverage on any one of the deck tiers. It is incredibly relaxing.

Wrap-Around Decks for Easy Relaxation

Wrap-around decks are for people who love the idea of wrap-around porches but do not want to go to that extent of creating extra roofs, railings, posts, etc. The wrap-around deck reaches around at least two sides of your home. Most people opt to wrap these decks from the back of the house to a side door or side patio doors, and then around to the front of the house so that no matter what exit they choose, they can sit in a chair on the deck and just relax.

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