Service Your AC In Spring

20 April 2018
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Now that spring is here, it is time to start thinking about servicing your air conditioning system. Getting your system up and running before summer hits is smart if you want to make sure you have the most energy efficient home. Some basic HVAC services can definitely increase the efficiency of your home. This article explains one of the most vital HVAC maintenance services that you should have done before summer begins.

The Importance of the AC Cabinet

Having your air conditioning cabinet cleaned and serviced is vital when comes to airflow and the production of cold air. The air conditioning cabinet, located outside of the house, is not only responsible for creating cold air, it also draws warm air out of your house, and creates airflow. The cabinet houses several of the most vital components and devices associated with your air conditioning system.

Because of this, most HVAC professional offer a special, all inclusive, AC service. That is, for a set price ( usually less one less than $100) they will come to your property and examine the air conditioning unit. Usually, they will suggest other cleanings and servicing that your system might be in need of.

The Vulnerability of the AC Cabinet

It is important to realize that just having your air conditioning cabinet cleaned does not mean that there aren't some other vital part of your system that don't also need to be serviced regularly. It's just that the air conditioning unit, since it is located outside, where it gets rained on snowed on, and is always exposed to the sun, needs more care and attention. It is obviously going to wear down more quickly, and need to be serviced more often because of this.

The Two Most Vital Components

When cleaning your system, professionals focus on the two most vital components within it, the condenser and the compressor. The compressor is a large metal cylinder inside the cabinet, but the condenser is actually integrated into the cabinet. That is, the cabinet walls, on both the inside and outside, are lined with the condenser coils. These coils are where heat is vitally transferred away from the unit. Even if you cover your AC unit during the winter, the outside coils are going to get dirty. So, professionals will focus on cleaning these coils first. Then, they will open up the inside unit to look at the interior coils, along with the compressor and fan units. Keeping your AC cabinet clean is just one part of good HVAC maintenance. But, scheduling an annual service, such as from Metro Air, before summer begins is one very smart decision.