Be The Envy Of The Lake With A Two-Story Dock

3 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you're thinking about replacing your dock in the near future, you might be keen on going all-out and having a dock put in that will make you the envy of the other homeowners on your lake. Sure, this might not be your chief goal, but it can be exciting to watch boaters slowing as they pass your waterfront property to look at your dock. One of the ways that you can really make a new dock stand out is for it to have two levels. This decision isn't just about looking unique, though — there are plenty of reasons that a two-story dock can be a good idea.

More Capacity

The biggest reason to consider a two-story dock is that it offers more capacity for gatherings. Many waterfront homeowners enjoy getting together with friends on the dock, and an average-sized dock won't often be enough to accommodate a large group. Two levels adds to the square footage, affording your group much more room. You don't have to be hosting a gathering to enjoy two levels, though. Perhaps you wish to sunbathe while your kids are swimming — if so, going up to the second level keeps you away from their splashing.

Availability Of Shade

One of the issues with a conventional dock is that it's completely devoid of shade. This might be good for tanning, but it's less than ideal for fishing, relaxing, and even swimming. If you have fair-skinned family members who are likely to burn if they're out in the sun for more than a short period of time, you don't want them to have to hide indoors on beautiful days. A two-level deck gives plenty of shade to the lower level, allowing people who prefer to be out of the sun to hang out in this area.

Usefulness For Different Activities

The presence of a second level on your dock offers a wide range of benefits for you and your family and the activities that you enjoy around the water. If you have family members who are fishing enthusiasts, being able to stand on the second level allows for farther casting. If the water is deep enough at the end of your dock, your children will almost certainly enjoy jumping off the upper level instead of the lower one. In the case of shallow water, adding a basketball net to the front lip of the upper level of the dock can be ideal for water basketball.