Construction Tent Rental Questions And Answers

1 February 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When undertaking a construction project, there are many tools that will be necessary, but many people will overlook the benefits that construction tents can provide. In order to properly evaluate whether this is a good option for your project, you might need to enhance your understanding about several construction tent questions.

How Can Tents Be Used To Help A Construction Project?

Construction tents can be invaluable when you are needing to protect the structure from the elements during the work. For example, it is common to use these tents when adding a room to an existing house. Also, these tents can be excellent to use as a staging and storage area for construction equipment, which can be difficult to find when starting work on a new building.

Will The Tent Need To Be Specially Made?

Individuals may not seriously consider using a construction tent because they have concerns about the costs of these tents. In particular, people often think that they will need to have a tent custom built for their project. However, these tents are usually designed to be sectional. This will allow for easy and cost-effective customization. To help you with designing an effective tent, a representative from the tent provider may visit the construction site to learn more about your needs. This will allow them to make accurate estimates about the size of the tent that will be needed as well as the number of sections that will be needed to enclose the area. In addition to ensuring that you choose the right tent for your needs, these visits will also allow for a quote to be prepared, which will help you to compare the various tent providers you are considering.

What Happens If The Tent Is Damaged During The Construction Project?

Unfortunately, it is a reality that accidents can happen, and this can result in the tent suffering serious damage while you are using it. When this occurs, it is important to understand that you might be required to pay for repairing or replacing the damaged tent. In order to reduce the risk of this expense, you should add insurance to your tent rental. These insurance policies will allow you to avoid paying the full price of any repairs or replacements that are needed after you use the tents. However, there may still be a deductible that you will need to pay, and you will want to review any potential tent rental insurance policies to make sure that you know how much this would be.