Landscaping 101 For People Looking To Sell Their Home

21 November 2016
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When it comes time to sell your home, most homeowners spend a lot of time focused on improving the interior. They may refinish the floors, redo the kitchen appliances, and paint all the walls. However, it's just as important to make sure your property looks nice. If people show up to look at your home and see a patchy, brown lawn or trees with dead limbs, and an overall unappealing area, then you might foul the sale. So it's important to take care of the property. Here are there areas you need to address.

Trim Your Trees

When people come to see your home, they don't want to see huge tree limbs hovering over your house. While they might look nice to you, prospective buyers see lots of problems. The trees can block sunlight and cause mold on the roof. And then there is the potential problem should a big storm hit and break the limbs and send them crashing into the roof. That is a huge expense. Even if the limbs are not overhanging your house, they might still be problematic. If there are large limbs overhanging the driveway, and the limbs are not in great shape, then potential buyers might envision their cars getting crushed.

The solution to this is to hire professional tree trimmers. You don't want to attempt to cut the tree limbs yourself. They might look light, but tree limbs can be very heavy. If you cut them and let them fall wrong, they will damage your house. The solution is to get professionals who know how to cut large limbs in segments and safely direct the fall.

Invest In A Lawn Overhaul

You also don't want a barren or overgrown lawn. So make sure that your lawn is in good shape. If you don't have the time or the lawnmower and other tools necessary to fix up your lawn, then hire someone who does from a company such as Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. They can show up and patch empty spots and also mow the lawn and give it a nice, even appearance. You want the grass to be uniform looking and this requires a lawnmower with the proper adjustment, as well as edge trimmers. Instead of buying these items and trying to learn to use them if you don't already have them, just bring in an expert who knows how to take a bad lawn and make it look like it belongs in a magazine.

Shrubs, Flowers, and Ornamental Plants

Finally, if you want to really liven up your property, then you can have the landscaper bring in some ornamental plants, shrubs, or flowers. This will make the property look beautiful, and people love flowers. Tell the landscaper that you want something that will look good immediately, so no plants that need time to grow, no bulbs for later in the year, and ideally no flowers that are past bloom.