Should You Bother With A Maintenance Contract For Your Security Fence And Gate? Here Are Two Good Reasons

14 October 2016
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Security fences aren't cheap—but adding automation to the gates is an additional cost that many people find worthwhile, even though it can add $1,400-$3,200 to the overall cost. It makes sense, then, to make sure that you get the maintenance you need in order to keep everything in operation, especially if you have any additional safety features installed. This is why you want to go ahead and take that maintenance contract for regular service instead of waiting until something breaks down to call for repairs.

1.) Controlled Costs

The range for a service contract for an automatic gate system depends on a number of factors, including how much fence you have (both height and width), how many gates, and what additional features you have on them. Even your climate could play into the average cost in your area, since fences and gates in relatively dry, stable climates tend to need less maintenance than those exposed to harsher elements, like sea water. Depending on the size of your gate, costs could range from $178 (for a 3' tall gate) to $431 (for a 8' tall gate). 

Most service contracts offer a fixed pricing scheme that covers regular maintenance on items that tend to suffer ordinary wear-and-tear as well as fixed labor costs. That insulates you against the cost of expensive breakdowns when you least expect it.

2.) More Secure Safety Devices.

You probably have one or more safety devices installed on your gate, like a vehicle detection device that allows visitors to leave the premises without having their own gate remote (or you having to walk them down the driveway to let them out). These systems also prevent your gate from inadvertently closing on a car that's paused in the wrong spot while the driver fishes out his or her GPS system or a pair of sunglasses.

These are sensitive systems that are prone to error. As long as you have a maintenance contract, you won't have to worry about the vehicle detection system failing. You can simply call your maintenance service and have them send someone out to fix it. 

Your gate should also have an emergency responder access process like the Knox key switch or a strobe switch. You want to make sure that these are regularly tested by maintenance services so that you are sure that a fire truck or ambulance can reach you as needed.

In addition, your maintenance company (like Gibson Construction Of Nevada Inc) should be able to make sure that any photo-sensitive electronic eyes and auto-reverse processes are functioning in order to make sure that no one gets caught between the gates as they close and hurt or killed.