Install A Flowerbed That Contains Drought-Resistant Plants And Grass

28 July 2016
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Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping that involves planting items that have been known to thrive in dry climates. If you live in an area that doesn't receive much rain throughout the year, you can still have a beautiful yard that is filled with lush greenery if you plant items that are drought-resistant. Install a flowerbed that is surrounded by a colorful, gravel border by completing the steps below. 


  • measuring tape
  • wooden stakes
  • garden tiller
  • hoe
  • rake
  • drought-resistant plants and grass seed (cactus, portulaca, catmint, buffalo grass)
  • water hose
  • mulch
  • colorful gravel
  • sprinkler system (with sensor)

Mark And Prepare The Ground

Choose a section of your property in which to install the flowerbed. Choose flowers and grass varieties to plant inside of the bed that have been known to grow well in the climate that you live in. Cactus often does well in dry areas. Portulaca and catmint are two colorful flower types that do not require much water and that will draw attention to your yard. If you would like some grass to grow inside of the flower bed, buffalo grass is a variety that contains stems that grow above the ground and that will spread quickly without requiring much water.

Measure and mark the section that you have chosen using wooden stakes and clear the ground by moving a garden tiller through it in straight lines. Turn the soil with a garden hoe and level out the ground with a rake after finishing.

Plant Items Inside Of The Flowerbed

Create rows inside of the flowerbed with a hoe. Plant seeds inside of the rows, following the instructions that are listed on the back of each seed packet. Try to keep each plant variety in a separate row so that the flowerbed will have a uniform and well-manicured appearance once items begin growing. Add water to the flowerbed with a hose. Apply a thin layer of mulch inside of the water bed and even it out with a rake. The mulch will help the soil retain water. 

Add A Colorful Border And Maintain The Flowerbed

Mark a section around the edge of the flowerbed to create a colorful border. Add different-colored pieces of gravel to the spot that you have marked. Spread out the gravel pieces with a rake so that the border is an even thickness. 

Even though the plants and grass will not require much water, some will still need to be added during extremely dry conditions. Add water with a hose or install a sprinkler system that contains a sensor. This type of system will turn on during hot, sunny days and will turn off after a specific amount of time. On days that are overcast or during times that it is raining, the sprinkler system will remain off. If you need materials, speak with professionals like Bourget Bros Building Materials.