Fast Paste City: Cutting One Home And Pasting Another In City Neighborhood Block

6 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Scoring prime real estate in the center of the city can be the chance of a lifetime. If you love living in the middle of the action and you find a good deal, you may need to jump on it. In many cities, the real estate that will have the best deals on land are likely to be older properties or land that needs fixing up. For this reason, it can be safer and more financially wise in the long run to knock down the old home and put up a new one. Demolition in the big city can be difficult. Here are some tips on cutting down and putting up a new home quickly. 

Measure the lot and pick out a modular home

Modular homes are excellent deals for many people. These homes are put together in a controlled factory, then brought out and put together on the home's lot. Modular homes come in every style that you can think of, from one story modern design to five-bedroom suburban McMansion. Pick out a modular home that will fit into the lot that you are purchasing and leave space for the necessary front and/or backyard. 

Demolish in one day

Since you will be living in the epicenter of the city, there are likely to be more people and businesses on your neighborhood block than in the suburbs. this means more people will be disturbed by the construction going on. For this reason, you want to make the demolition as quick as possible. Hire a home demolition company to come after 9 am and knock down your home during the day. You want the crane and excavator to not be disturbed by traffic that is going on. Since the street may need to be blocked off slightly in front of your home, traffic may be slowed in the area and your neighbors disturbed. If you are able to get the wrecking crew in at 9am and the heavy demolition equipment out by 4pm, you will disturb fewer people, cars, and businesses. Have a crew and roll off dumpsters ready to remove all construction debris. 

Quickly repair the foundation

The foundation for your old home can be used for your new home, as long as it is in good condition. Bring your construction contractor in immediately after the demolition crew and debris are gone to inspect the foundation. If necessary, perform any repairs to the cracks in the foundation or add structure to the foundation to strengthen it. A full foundation being laid, means that your modular home can be delivered and set up in no time.