How To Keep Your New Neighbors Sane While Building Your New Custom Home

19 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you recently purchased an empty lot in an established neighborhood to build your new home, then it is vital you take certain steps to keep from having your building site become a nuisance for your new neighbors. By avoiding conflict with your new neighbors, you can move your family into your new custom home confident that you aren't the inconsiderate new neighbors whose house building project has been getting on their last nerve for way too long.

Follow these steps to keep your new neighbors happy while building your new custom home in their neighborhood:

Go Meet Your New Neighbors and Give them Your Contact Information

One of the easiest, free, and the most often overlooked way for you to ensure that you new neighbor don't hate you before you ever get to move into your new home is simply to go knock on their doors and introduce yourself. When you visit, go prepared with a printed list of all of the contact numbers for you, your spouse, and your contractors. Rather than letting small annoyances fester into major resentment, your phone number list will allow your new neighbors the ability to call you if there is an issue.

Control Site and Road Dust

Since your bare lot and construction traffic combined are a recipe for a lot of dust, you must take steps to proactively prevent as much of the dust as possible from blowing into the surrounding homes and all over their cars parked outside. The ways to control road and building site dust are to:

  • ask everyone to drive slowly through the area

  • install construction fencing with windbreak fabric

  • wet down the site on hot and dry days

In addition, as soon as it is practical to install your driveway it is a good idea to do so. The solid surface will go a long way towards reducing the dust from cars and passenger trucks driving on your land.

Control Excessive After-Hours Noise

Finally, while hammering and other loud noises come along with building a custom home and cannot be completely avoided, you can insist that none of the new home builders building your new house work after hours when it can be avoided. It is guaranteed that your new neighbors do not want to come home from work on a Friday night prepared to relax and find out that your house is being roofed or an old concrete patio on the site is being jackhammered. Make sure that all of your noisy building tasks are done during regular business hours when your new neighbors are away at work.