Shed Your Old Storage Building And Refurbish It Into A Cool Summer Retreat

13 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Got an old shed on your property? These ideas for transforming a storage building into a cool summer retreat are worth consulting with your contractor. Enhance summer by creating your own space that you can enjoy for years to come.

Stylish she-sheds.

Unveil something unexpected by turning your storage building into a cool and stylish she-shed. These are the perfect retreats when the lady of the house needs a moment to herself:

  • Cover the floor with yoga mats or coverings and use big pillows to create a Zen retreat that is perfect for meditation or yoga. Add an altar of your favorite spiritual and personal items.
  • Pick up or re-purpose a bistro dining set -- usually a couple chairs and a small table -- and create a spot that is ideal for afternoon tea and entertaining. Display collectibles, glassware, or tea pots for an enchanting space that you enjoy spending time in, and research the costs of installing built-ins to hold your precious items. 
  • Make your shed over into a workout area. Pull equipment out of storage and cover the floor with something squishy that will accommodate yoga or Pilates. Have builders create a mirrored wall for your space.

Bold bar sheds.

Start hosting outdoor parties more often and use your own bar shed to serve and imbibe with family and friends. Keep everything bar-related in your shed and create a fun, lively atmosphere by incorporating accents, glassware, and advertising that echoes what you might see in a pub. For convenience, keep the bar stocked with your favorite spirits, liquor, or wine; some homeowners may even want to invest in a refrigerated tap or a wine-cooler for their space, which can be easily installed by a general contractor. 

Gracious garden tenders.

Turning your storage shed into a garden tender makes life a lot easier when you do any gardening or planting at all. This is also a practical place to store all of your garden-related supplies, tools, and equipment, which might make more space in your garage or basement for other items. Have a contractor like those at C & Z Construction create racks along the wall for easy storage and also alter the space to fit your gardening needs. 

If your storage shed is more of an eyesore than a practical space, transform it into a living area that you enjoy all season long. Clean out any clutter and start with a blank-space, turning a shed or out-building into a funky she-shed, cool bar, or glorious garden tender. Talk with home contractors about fixtures, modifications, and features that will make it the space you envision.