Important Accessories That Can Help Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

30 March 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you're planning to have an elderly family member move into your home for a period of time, it's your responsibility to ensure that his or her new living quarters are as safe as possible. While stairs, area rugs and other issues around the home can pose as tripping hazards, there are many ways for an elderly person to hurt him or herself in the bathroom. As such, it's important to upgrade your bathroom with a number of safety accessories that can make you feel confident that your new house guest will be able to use these facilities safely and easily. Here are some ideas of bathroom accessories that are worth buying.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are a simple safety accessory that can be installed in several places throughout the bathroom. They help the user not only feel sturdy enough to avoid falling, but also help someone with limited mobility step out of the shower, get off the toilet or just feel secure while standing in the space. Grab bars are relatively easy to install, and provided that you anchor them into your wall studs, they will provide a sturdy place for the person to grip. Think about installing these bars in the tub and shower, as well as immediately outside it to help with getting in and out.

Non-Stick Mats

Non-stick mats can be effective in the shower or tub as well as outside of it -- especially if the floor of your bathroom is naturally slippery. In the tub and shower, these accessories are self-adhesive pads that have a grippy surface. Outside these fixtures, you can simply lay down mats that have rubber pads beneath or suction cups that hold the pads in place. Beyond these, it's worthwhile to invest in getting the person a pair of rubber-soled slippers, as these provide a great deal more traction that sock feet.

Bathroom Alarm

Bathroom alarms are available in several different styles and serve to alert you or members of your family of a bathroom emergency. If your new guest has fallen or is having trouble getting out of the tub, he or she might not be able to yell loudly enough to catch your attention -- especially if you're elsewhere in the home. A bathroom alarm is somewhat like a doorbell -- the person can press a button that is connected to a speaker mounted outside the bathroom that makes a siren loud enough for you to hear.