Three Nifty And Effective Methods For Defogging Your Glass Shower Doors

9 February 2016
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Do you know that soap scum that you are trying to wash off of your shower doors? More than likely it was caused by your hot showers. The steam from hot water makes your shower doors fog up, which leads to annoying soap scum. You can't just stop taking hot showers, but there are other ways you can prevent your shower doors from fogging up in the future. Below is a list of neat tricks you can use and all of the ingredients that are required are already in your house.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is amazing when it comes to preventing your shower doors from fogging up because it creates a thin shield over the glass. A very thin layer of soap with keep the steam at bay. Simply pour a small amount of dish soap into a small, dry washcloth and smear it over your shower doors. Next, get a clean paper towel and gently wipe the soap away. Be sure not to scrub the soap away, or you risk removing the thin protective layer.

Shaving Cream

It sounds messy, but using shaving cream to defog your shower doors will last the longest and is the most effective. Pour some shaving cream either into your hand or a dry washcloth and apply it on your entire shower door. Next, you will want to wipe the shaving cream away with a dry paper towel or washcloth.


If you want to avoid the mess of using dish soap or shaving cream, you can always use vinegar. Vinegar is easy to use because you can just spray it all over your shower doors. Pour equal parts vinegar and warm water into a spray bottle and mix it completely. Spray the solution over your shower doors and and then let it air dry.

Because vinegar is so strong in smell, after using it you will notice an strong and unpleasant aroma in your bathroom. This is easy to get rid of. Simply pour lemon juice into a separate spray bottle mixed with warm water and spray it in your bathroom. The lemon will take away the vinegar stench fast and easily.

Scrubbing away soap scum is a long process that very few people actually enjoy doing. Avoid the mess by defogging your shower doors with one of the methods listed above. They are quick, easy and will save you from a lot of hard work in the future.

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