4 Reasons To Replace Your Current Roof With A Metal One

18 January 2016
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One of your most expensive investments that you will make in your lifetime is likely to be your home. Still, without proper maintenance, the value of your home can rapidly decline. Structural problems, such as a leaky roof, can quickly escalate and make additional expensive repairs necessary. In order to avoid unnecessary problems, it is best to address roofing issues as quickly as possible. 

Some repairs, such as patching a leaky area, may not be costly in terms of time or money. In such cases, changes in material are not usually necessary, since the color and type of roofing is dictated by the material that your current roof is made of.

However, when a roof replacement is necessary, more things have to be considered. Will you continue with the same roofing material that your currently have? Here are a few reasons to replace your current roof with a metal one:


Most metal roofs last over 50 years. However, the typical asphalt shingle that is not damaged by inclement weather or a falling tree branch will last about 20 years. Other roofing materials, such as wood shingles, last about 30 years. Still, no other roofing material is durable enough to outlast quality metal roofing. 


Metal roofs are also more energy-efficient than other roofing materials, due to their ability to reflect heat in hot weather and absorb it in the winter months.

Property Value

The metal roof also improves property values more than other roof types. Compared to a home with asphalt shingles, a modern metal roof can increase the resale value of a home by one to six percent. In addition, homeowners generally recover about 85.9 percent of the costs incurred for their metal roofing. People who own homes in the eastern United States recoup approximately 95.5 percent of the money spent on their metal roofing.

Unique Beauty

Once a metal roof is installed, it can add to the beauty of your home in a distinct manner. The polished beauty of a metal roof can be seen in many different modern finishes and colors. Metal roofs, which were once only bright and shiny, are now available in matte finishes, distressed looks and even patterned templates that resemble other roofing products.

Irregular finishes offer the added advantage of hiding dents and dings from severe weather, such as hail storms. 

If you are interested in replacing your current roof with metal roofing, contact a roofing contractor in your area. He or she can advise you of options available to suit the style and needs of your home.