Beauty And Your Septic System: Away With The Scrub After You Scrub Away

14 December 2015
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If you are having a septic system installed on your property, take a very good look at the beauty routines that go on in your house, be they yours or a family member's. Many homemade treatments include oils, such as olive oil, and if those are constantly washed off and down a drain, you could be looking at some major clog issues. The situation is a little worse for septic tanks because the materials can also take up space in the tank.

No Exit

Septic systems end at the tank and the leach field. Anything that goes down the drain ends up there instead of moving through to a city sewer system. Even if you never experience a clog, the material can accumulate in the tank and add to the crud build-up on the sides of the tank, reducing tank space for solids that flow in. The oils can clog filters that let liquid waste into the leach field.

Fats and Drains

It's a basic rule of housekeeping that you don't want to put anything fatty or greasy down the drain, from peanut butter to oil to bacon grease. However, not a lot of people realize that this rule also applies to bathroom drains, and that the oil used to hold things like salt and sugar scrubs together can also clog drains. And in this case, it's worse because bathroom drains tend to be narrower than kitchen drains—that's easy to see if you compare a bathroom sink drain to a kitchen sink drain.

Sugar scrubs, oily masks, and other beauty treatments  often require you to rinse them off your skin, and it seems logical that you would just let all that run down the drain. Instead, wipe the scrub off with a damp tissue to get the majority of the oil off, and then wash your skin. If you or a family member have been soaking your (or his or her) nails in olive oil, soak up the excess oil with paper towels and wipe out the dish you used before washing it. Don't pour the oil down the drain, thinking that a small amount won't hurt.

Coffee Grounds

And it's not just the binding or soaking oils that can hurt the drain. Some scrub materials, like coffee grounds, can harden in a drain and cause a highly annoying blockage. Wipe off and throw out coffee ground scrubs before rinsing your skin.

If you want to know more about septic tank care and what in your home you need to avoid sending down the drain, talk to the people installing the septic system {like Country Well & Pump Inc} and ask them specifically about beauty treatments and how those ingredients can affect pipes and the tank.