2 Types of Cranes Often Used in Rescue Work

24 November 2015
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Cranes are often used to aid rescue workers when dealing with a collapsed building. These large pieces of machinery can come in and do what rescuers cannot do on their own. They can lift steel beams and get deep into the rubble to help save lives and prevent more damage from occurring. To help you better understand the two main types of cranes used to help rescue workers, continue reading below.

Truck Cranes

Truck cranes come in either conventional or hydraulic groups. They have excellent mobility, which makes them perfect for working in a rescue operation. Hydraulic groups use their boom to get close to an item and pick it up. If an incident were to happen on the highway and vehicles or other large items needed to be moved, this type of crane would be ideal. However, the conventional crane works better when dealing with a collapse site where workers will have to lift and move items for hours on end. It is capable of getting into the site relatively quickly. It can reach farther and grab more at one time because its boom doesn't weigh as much as the hydraulic boom's.

Rough Terrain Cranes

While these are often hydraulic, there are a number of different characteristics making them ideal for rescue operations. They are able to travel while holding on to the object they picked up. They are able to go off a paved surface and make their way on uneven ground and a number of different terrains that cranes weren't able to handle in the past. The smaller versions of these cranes are able to pick up a vehicle easily and carry it to another location out of the way. Their low profile makes them ideal for traveling down dirt roads and getting deep into the heart of a disaster to ensure safety for everyone involved.

While these are the two cranes used in rescue work, there are other types of cranes out there today. Different cranes are used in different applications, so not all cranes are going to be used in all instances. Knowing which crane can do what is important to protect the health and safety of everyone in the area. If you ever have any questions about the crane you are looking to rent, you can always discuss your concerns with the rental professional at acrane service to ensure you are getting what it is that you need to do the job right.