3 Elegant Pool Design Ideas

31 July 2015
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Whether you enjoy throwing big pool parties for the neighborhood or just lounging in the water, a swimming pool is a welcome addition to your home. If you have the space, you can design a whole pool retreat in your backyard. Utilize clean lines and attractive landscaping so that even the most elaborate pool complex maintains its elegance.

Graceful Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are far from a new style. However, the design of the pool tends to be straight-edged, which certainly is classical. However, a gentle curve at the overflow edge adds a touch of grace.

In designing a curved-edge infinity pool, add other amenities by adding more curves. For instance, if you want to include a spa, have the contractors place a circular tub at one end of the pool. The spa should be raised above the pool surface on a platform. Likewise, consider adding an oval-shaped swim-up bar at the other end.

With this pool, landscaping borders are contained in "islands." So, instead of having a rectangular planter installed, imagine an organic-shaped planter for landscaping. Choose plants that are native to your area for the planter.

Sophisticated Oasis

When you add an oasis-style pool to your home, the effect is commonly of nature gone wild. This is a fun ambiance for a pool, but perhaps you'd prefer a more restrained style. In that case, think less of a natural oasis and more about a carefully-constructed Kasbah.

Oasis pools are usually done in blue tile surrounded by natural stone. The stone pavers should be in shades of warm colors, such as sand and red clay. Have contractors use bricks in the same color scheme to create planters for your landscaping. Install exotic plants such as potted palms and birds of paradise to further the Kasbah vibe.

Chic Terraces

If you have a sloped backyard, The Landscaping Network suggests having terraced pools installed. Similar to the infinity pool, such an installation features a series of classical arcs.

Depending on the size of your yard, a terraced pool complex can feature numerous amenities, one or two on each level. For instance, the top level can feature a sun bathing area from which a small waterfall cascades into the swimming pool. The pool itself may feature a swim-up bar that represents a mezzanine level.

The lowest level should expand out for whatever entertainment additions fit your lifestyle. Both above and below the pool terraces the contractors can install terraces for your landscaping. In fact, consider adding a trellis on one of the terraces and training honeysuckle, roses or another climbing plant up the steps.

Whether you have terraced pools, an arced infinity pool or an oasis installed in your backyard, let the elegance of your home carry through to your custom pool design. Talk to a company like Nassau Pools Construction Inc about your options.