About Central Air Conditioning System Cooling Problems In A House

5 June 2015
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Does your central air conditioning system fail to cool your house efficiently and cause high energy bills? If you have not invested in occasional maintenance, it is possible that dirt is the reason you are not getting enough cool air. Find out below how a central air conditioning system can fall into bad shape, as well as what a new one costs if you need one.

What Causes Central Air Conditioner Cooling Problems?

Failing to maintain a clean central air conditioning system is one of the common reason for cooling problems because dirt can interfere with airflow. For instance, dirt can accumulate on the blower fan and cause it to send less air through the air ducts. The blower fan is one of the most important parts of the system because it is how air is created when the thermostat is set. The fan motor can stall and need a replacement if too much dirt accumulates, but sometimes getting the motor cleaned will solve the problem.

The system coils must also be properly maintained because they play a role in the efficiency of air flowing through your house. There is an evaporator coil inside of your house, and a condenser coil on the outside. The majority of your cool air is created when warm air travels through the evaporator coil. However, it is difficult for the evaporator coil to cool off the warm air when there is dirt on it. It is also vital for the coils to not have cracks to prevent air from leaking out before making it out of the vents.

Sometimes the only reason an air conditioner begins running inefficiently is from old age. In such a case, you will be better off investing in a new system if you don't want to continuously have to get the system repaired.

What Can a Homeowner Expect to Pay for a Replacement Central Air Conditioner?

The cost for a technician to replace your old central air conditioning system will depend on the size on your home. For instance, it can cost as little as $3,500 plus to get a new air conditioning system installed in a 2,000 square foot house. The quoted price is based on not needing much of a change to the duct system. You can end up paying over $7,000 if ductwork is necessary. Call an air conditioning technician (such as Custom Comfort)  to find out if a repair can solve the cooling problems in your house!