Maintaining Your Marble Surfaces: What You Should Know

4 March 2015
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When you invest the time and money in installing marble surfaces in your home, whether they are floors, countertops, or any other surface, you do not want to do anything that could cause premature or unnecessary damage to those surfaces. As such, you need to learn the proper cleaning and maintenance techniques to keep your marble in the best possible condition for as long as possible. So, get to know the important facts about your marble surfaces and their cleaning and maintenance needs. Then, you can get started caring for your marble. 

Make Sure To Seal Your Marble Surfaces Regularly

While it is true that a few marble surfaces may not need sealing or resealing at all, most marble surfaces need to be sealed. Marble sealers help to prevent minor scratches and spills from leaving permanent marks on your marble surfaces. 

The process of applying sealer to your marble surfaces can be an arduous task, and is best left to a professional marble cleaning and maintenance company. The darker the surface of the marble, the less frequently your marble will need to be sealed. Dark colors can do with sealer once a year, whereas lighter marble should be sealed more often. 

Do Not Clean With Vinegar Or Citrus

White distilled vinegar and citrus oils such as lemon or orange are often used as a go-to natural home cleaner. And under most circumstances, these natural substances are safe and effective to use as alternatives to chemical cleaners. Marble surfaces, however, need special tender loving care. The acidic nature of these natural products can eat away at the protective sealant on your marble surfaces. This can leave your marble more susceptible to stains and permanent damage.

Use A Soft Sponge To Clean Marble Surfaces

To perform your regular cleaning routine, all you need is a soft sponge, hot water, and specially formulated natural stone cleaner. Wipe down your counters or floors daily with a sponge and hot water. When you need to thoroughly clean and disinfect your surfaces, add in the natural stone cleaner. 

If you worry about which cleaning products to use or do not want the hassle, you can also hire a professional marble cleaning service to come in and clean on a weekly or monthly basis. You should still wipe your counters down with hot water regularly to avoid scratches and stains in the meantime, even if you do hire a cleaning service.

Now that you know more about caring for your marble surfaces, you will be able to keep them clean and damage free for as long as possible. So, keep these tips in mind when dealing with your home's marble surfaces.