Winter Storm Damage: Does Your Home Have The Protection It Needs?

25 February 2015
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Homeowners living in regions that hardly ever get severe or heavy winter precipitation may struggle to handle this type of weather, especially when it comes to the types of coverage in their homeowner's insurance policy. Before a winter storm causes damage to your home, learn what is covered in your insurance policy so you're prepared to obtain compensation for repairs. Here is some some basics you should know about winter storm coverage in most insurance policies. 

Heavy Snow and the Poorly Maintained Roof

The roof on your house is essential for your family's protection. However, if you have not properly maintained your roof prior to a serious snow storm, areas on it that have suffered water damage and rot before the storm, may collapse and fall through. If your insurance company inspects this damage and find evidence of poor maintenance and rotting wood, you may not receive compensation for the damage caused by snow. The same is also true about other types of structural damage aside from those caused by winter storms.

If the damage to your property could have been prevented by proper maintenance, your insurance company is not legally bound to pay you any compensation for it. In some cases of roofs falling through, roofing materials may not be covered, but the damage to the interior of your home may be. Discuss with your insurance company about the coverage in your policy to learn more.

Plumbing Issues And Freezing Temperatures

Being snowed in without running water can be stressful and likely to occur in freezing weather if the pipes under your home are not properly insulated. In most cases, if the heat is kept at an even keel in the home, pipes will not freeze. However, if there is a winter storm that knocks out the power, you could have parts of your home unheated until the lights come back on. Be sure to insulate the pipes under your home and try to maintain heat in rooms that have plumbing running to them. In the event your pipes burst due to freezing, your homeowner's insurance policy generally covers a great portion of the related damage.

The Big Oak Tree in the Front Yard and Your House

Big trees do not need heavy snow to fall onto your house. High winds that sometimes come before snow storms can uproots large trees. If you have been reluctant to cut down the big oak in your front yard, you may find extreme harsh winds can do so for you. This is especially true for large trees that are diseased. Trees with several dead limbs can cause your home's roof damage as well.  Strong winds can cause large, heavy dead tree limbs to easily poke a hole through your roof. When trees or limbs cause structural damage to your home during a winter storm, your insurance policy generally covers the damage incurred to your home because of it.

Being prepared for severe weather disasters, no matter where you live, is important. Disaster preparedness can not only help to save you money, it can also be a life saver as well. Rely on an experienced team for insurance repairs in Bremerton, WA.