Three Well Pumps For New Homeowners To Consider For Their Well

18 February 2015
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If you're a proud new homeowner with no idea how to operate your new well, you're not alone. For those used to public water, wells, well pumps and the like can be confusing and frustrating. While your well is most likely already equipped with a pump, you may want to consider changing it if one of the below options is better for your system. Continue reading to learn about three common pump types and what systems they're best for.  

Submersible Well Pumps

A popular option, submersible well pumps are pumps that are—you guessed it—submersed underneath the well's water. If you live in an area that gets temperatures below freezing, this is a viable option. Since these pumps are submerged, they don't require frost protection.

There is a downside, however—submersible well pumps aren't easily accessed if repairs need to be done. These pumps must be removed from the well.

Shallow-Well Jet Pumps

If you have a well that has a casing of 3 inches or less in diameter, jet pumps are a great option. There are two varieties: shallow and deep. If your well water is no more than 25 feet below the surface, shallow-well jet pumps are the variety you need.

These pumps allow for easy access, and can either be next to the well or stored in their own pump house.

Both varieties work in the same way, using suction as a means of gathering the necessary water from the well.

Deep-Well Jet Pumps

If your well water is 25 – 250 feet below the surface, a shallow-well jet pump just won't cut it. While the pump can be housed separately from the well, the deep-well jet pump's jet is required to be located inside of the well. This is not true for the shallow-well jet pump which is located near the pump intake. The deep-well jet's location in the well will require removal for repair purposes.

Both shallow and deep-well pumps will require frost protection, so if you're worried about freezing and are able to use a submersible pump, consider that option as well.

While submersible pumps allow more water pressure than jet pumps do, both provide steady streams of water. Maintenance is relatively easy on all of the three pumps listed above, though the shallow-well jet pumps are best in terms of accessibility. If you don't feel comfortable following manufacturer's instructions to install your new well pump, consider hiring an expert. They can be sure to connect your pump to manufacturer specifications so it runs as smoothly as possible. 

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