Learn Four Creative Ways To Use Bricks

11 February 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Bricks are often used in construction. They are available in many different colors to ensure you are able to create the exact look you want. When you are done with a construction project, there are often bricks left over and finding something to do with them ensures that you do not waste any of them. Use the following guide to learn a few ways to use the bricks that are left over after finishing a construction project.

In a Trashcan

Place a brick in the bottom of the trashcan you use in your kitchen. The brick adds weight to the trashcan so that it stays on the ground when you go to lift a full bag out of the trashcan. Also, the brick does not allow the bag to go to the bottom of the can. This ensures that the edges of the bag stay wrapped around the trashcan without needing to be secured to the can.

In a Flowerpot

Place a brick in the bottom of a large flower pot and then place another flower pot on top of it that is slightly smaller than the bottom pot. You can then fill both pots with soil and beautiful flowers. This allows you to create tiered flower arrangement that is inexpensive and easy to make. If you decide that you want to add a third pot to the arrangement, you can break a brick in half and use it in the bottom of the middle flower pot. This will create a three tier arrangement.

Behind Wheels

Trailers can sometimes roll down a hill if nothing is blocking their way. Place a brick behind each wheel to use it as a wheel stop. On hills, the wheels will hit the bricks and they will stop the wheels from being able to roll any further. Be sure that the bricks are pressed flush against the wheel to ensure that there is no chance of the wheel rolling at all.

Edge a Flowerbed

Dig a trench around the edge of your flower bed that is an inch and a half in depth. You want the trench to be somewhat shallow to ensure that the tops of the bricks sit higher than the top of the ground. Next, you need to line bricks up in the trench until they are side-by-side one another. Fill any open areas of the trench with loose dirt and water the area to pack down the soil. The bricks will keep mulch from washing away from the flower bed when it rains.

All of these uses are easy to do and require very few bricks to complete the jobs. The bricks are designed to be durable so that you can use them for years to come without having to worry about replacing them.