How To Remove An Asphalt Driveway

22 January 2015
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If your asphalt driveway was improperly installed, such as over sandy or expansive soil, it can settle and crack. Not only will these cracks widen over time to create a safety hazard, they also make your driveway unsightly. To solve this problem on a long-term basis, you need to give your driveway a solid base. But first, you'll have to remove your current asphalt driveway and replace it. The following will show you how to get the old asphalt out of the way. Keep in mind that unless you want to dig up asphalt using hand tools (an incredibly exhausting and time-consuming project) you're going to need to know how to operate a dump truck and a small tractor. The only alternative to these two approaches is to hire a contractor to do it for you

Using a Tractor

You can usually rent a small tractor from a tool rental company that will be perfect for this job. Make sure that you choose a tractor that comes with a backhoe arm equipped with a scarifier on one end and a skip loader bucket on the other. With a little advice from the good folks at the tool rental company, you should quickly be able to familiarize yourself with the controls. Don't forget, you're also going to need a dump truck with a trailer capable of carrying the tractor.

Removing the Asphalt

When you begin, you should start at the lowest end of your driveway and work up from there. Once you have gotten the tractor off the trailer, use the reverse, forward and steering levers to get the scarifier and backhoe arm in position at the end of the driveway.

Extend the backhoe arm and drive the scarifier down into the asphalt. Turn over a section of the asphalt by retracting the arm. Dig the asphalt up one section at a time and load the chunks onto the dump truck.

Loading the Asphalt

Park the dump truck so that the trailer is on the side of the road. Now, disconnect the wire running to the trailer lights and take off the safety chain. Flip up the hitch's locking lever. Lower the trailer's parking wheel and remember to put wooden chocks behind the wheels.

Move the dump truck into the driveway and set the parking brake. Use the tractor to scoop pieces of asphalt up and drop them inside the truck bed. Keep doing this until the truck bed is full. Then haul the load of asphalt to the nearest processing plant. Repeat this process until you have removed all the asphalt.

Returning the Truck

When you're done, reconnect the trailer to the truck by reversing what you did earlier. Install the ramps onto the trailer and drive the tractor back on. Turn off the tractor and turn on its parking brake. Connect the chains going to the trailer and tractor, slide the ramps into place on the trailer and return everything to the rental company.

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