What You Need To Know About Cleaning Your Car With Soda Blasting

15 January 2015
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Do you have a car that you treat like a baby? If you truly love your car, then you obviously want to protect it from all kinds of damage and wear and tear and to keep it clean and pristine for as long as possible. Fortunately, there's a great technique known as soda blasting that can really come in handy for cleaning, revitalizing, and protecting your vehicle. It can remove old paint, dirt, and general debris from a vehicle. It will even protect it against rust until you're ready to prime and re-paint it. Before you have your vehicle soda blasted, however, there are a few things you should know and understand so that there are no unwanted surprises along the way.

How Long Can Soda Blasting Protect Against Rust?

There's no set amount of time for how long soda blasting is effective at keeping rust at bay. That all depends on where you store your car and what it's exposed to after the soda blasting has occurred. In general, though, soda blasting will be effective for several months on its own.

It can work to protect against rust even longer if the vehicle is stored in an area where it will not be exposed to moisture.

Can Soda Blasting Remove Odors?

While there are other abrasive cleaning methods out there, soda blasting is the only one that is effective at getting rid of lingering odors. The baking soda compound used in soda blasting is fully capable of absorbing and getting rid of odors for good, just like regular baking soda would.

For this reason, soda blasting is the most commonly used technique for restoring a vehicle after a fire. Smoke odors are some of the toughest odors to get out.

Is Soda Blasting Safe for Fiberglass Cars?

Extra care always has to be taken with sensitive fiberglass cars. Fortunately, baking soda blasting is one of the few blasting medias that is completely safe for use with fiberglass.

That's because the baking soda compound is incredibly soft and light. It will not damage fiberglass or warp rubber and is thus safe for fiberglass vehicles.

Is Soda Blasting Safe?

Many people worry about the effect soda blasting may have on the environment, people, and pets. Fortunately, it is very safe. The process uses non-toxic ingredients, all of which can be dissolved in water and do not have any ill effects on people, animals, or the planet.

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