Using Temporary Fencing To Contain Your Dog

13 January 2015
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If you have just moved into your home and you have a dog as a pet, you may need to consider having temporary fencing installed until you can have a fence contractor put in a permanent fixture. Temporary fencing can keep your dog contained without costing a lot of money. You will be able to look over your options for permanent fencing while using temporary in the interim. Here are some of the different types of temporary fencing available to help keep your dog from running around the town.

Pool Fencing

Many people use pool fencing when waiting for their real fence to be installed. This fence is made from polyester and is mesh in appearance. This is great for being able to keep an eye on your dog from the other side of the fence, since it is see-through. The fencing is installed using metal rods that are hammered into the ground. The mesh is then hung from the rods. It is versatile since it can be easily removed and reattached.

Invisible Fencing

Another way to keep your dog within the perimeters you set is to use invisible electronic fencing. This concept uses radio waves to communicate that the spot the dog is in is too far out of the perimeter. A home base unit is kept inside of the house. It is programmed to a certain amount of distance from the base to be set as the invisible barrier.

The dog will wear a collar that is in-tune to the radio waves set with the home base. If the dog moves out of the boundary, the collar will give a mild shock or jolt to the dog, making it retreat back where there is no discomfort. These fences work wonderfully at training a dog where its limits are and in time the dog will not even need to wear the collar.

Picket Fencing

You can purchase temporary white picket fence pieces from your local hardware store. These are easily assembled and placed around your home to contain your dog. These work best with smaller dogs, as they are not meant to be pushed on with a lot of weight. These can be installed with standard wood pickets or with plastic pieces. Both kinds of fences are installed similarly, using posts that will be placed in the ground. Pre-cut fence pieces would then be attached to the posts. 

While these temporary fences can help you with your immediate problem, it's best to contact a fencing company like Hinesville Fence as soon as possible so you can get a permanent fence in place.